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  T24 Services  

TTF Technologies offers T24 Services in the following areas:


» Implementation
» Upgrade
» Other Services




» Training
» Off-shore services
» Support and Maintenance
» T24 Operations
» Local Development
Performance tuning


  T24 Implementation  

TTF Technologies T24 Implementation Methodology reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of T24. TTF implementation process is based on ‘Best’ principles and has extensive experience in the project life-cycle of the implementation.


» Business Alignment
» System Installation (jBase/TAFC/TAFJ, Oracle / SQL, Multi-server)
» System Build
» System Integration Testing/User Acceptance Testing
» Data Migration
» Post Live Support


TTF Technologies Core Team has worked closely with Temenos and Thesys on various implementation projects and has gained extensive knowledge and experience of the Temenos MODEL BANK Implementation Methodology.

  T24 Upgrade  
  TTF Core Team has vast experience in T24/GLOBUS™ upgrades from G10 onwards to the latest Release of T24. TTF Core Team has developed a well-defined Upgrade Process that has been ‘field-tested’ in over 10 upgrade projects during previous associations with Thesys and Temenos. Our proven expertise and capabilities ensure successful transition to T24, enabling the client to reap the benefits of T24.

Training is often a Key Success factor for any project implementation and on-going use of T24 by banks. Drawing from the experience in providing training to users during Implementation projects and in-house training to our personnel,.

Thanks to our considerable experience working on Core Banking Projects for various BFSI Clients, TTF can provide extensive Technical, Functional and ‘Need Based’ training in T24/MCB™ Product at client and off-site locations.

  Support and Maintenance  
  Well defined support and maintenance of a large system like T24 is vital to successful operation of any institution using T24. TTF Technologies has the Infrastructural facilities, T24 (technical and domain) knowledge and above all the Processes to provide maintenance and support under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Our support service ensures ‘preventive’ maintenance and ‘pro-active’ support.
  Local Development  
  TTF has an excellent experience with Custom Software Development, Product GAP Development and Temenos Local Development Process. The core team worked with Temenos on many regional/local development projects. This experience helps TTF on Temenos defined programming standards, architectural changes and features of latest releases of TEMENOS T24.  
  T24 Operations  

TTF brings its experience not only to full cycle of implementation projects but also to an already existing project life cycle and T24 Operations.
» T24 Database Management
» Management and Supervision of EOD/COB, Helpdesk and Support
» T24 Administration and Housekeeping
» Performance Tuning and Security Management
» T24 Administration Training

  Off-shore Services  

India is a preferred choice for off-shore services and TTF Technologies has the necessary and proven capabilities to provide the following off-shore services:


» Support and Maintenance
» Management and Supervision of EOD/COB, Helpdesk and Support
» Local Development Management
» COB (EOD) operations


IT Infrastructure Services

IT Information Security Services

TTF Technologies facilitates banks to mitigate risk and implement trustworthy computing by assessing its security status. As part of its IT Security services, also offers training on how to be proactive about security and provide solutions to take care of bank's future security vulnerabilities. Educate Banks to proactively recognize the signature of security threats before they occur, while offering its IT Security services based on need.

TTF Technologies IT Security Audit service focuses on the following:

» T24 Security
» Vulnerability assessment of the IT architecture in the banks
» Strong Authentication
» Access and Password Management
» T24 with jBASE/TAFC and Oracle related security
» OS level security assessment
» Network security
» Data center operations
» T24 Internet Banking security assessment
» Organizational security policy
» Business Continuity Planning

This greatly reduces the risks and costs associated with the electronic storage of proprietary and confidential data.


IT Infrastructure Support

Managing IT Technologies in developing and establishing IT infrastructure standards and procedures and the analysis, design, deployment and operations of IT software and hardware systems supporting the business. The TTF Team will work closely with the IT management team and business units to ensure alignment with the Bank’s below objectives,

» Incident Management
» Provisioning
» System Administration
» Network Support
» Database Administration
» Backup Management
» Patch Management
» Service Brokerage
» Performance Testing
» Daily Checks
» Capacity Planning

  IT Infrastructure Services - TTF  

Universe Support

Data Extraction from the supplied UniVerse Database (Rocket UV)

» UniVerse Data Analysis
» UniVerse Data Extraction

TTF can help in extracting raw table structure from the source system. However, providing Mapping for the source system to the Data Mapping Sheet will be client’s responsibility.

» If client is not in position to provide the source system to Client Target System Data Mapping Sheet then TTF can able to help in extracting the entire source system table record contents into comma separated file (CSV) and Client team need to handle the Target System Data Mapping and upload process.

» Support during Upload and Re-running the extract process on the corrected data

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