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  Interface Solution  
  Sudan specific Interface Support & Services  
  Central Bank of Sudan Standard Integration Prompt Check SRS _Version 2.9

Ready to implement T24 package to integrate Clearing system (PS-ECC) with T24 Core Banking system (CBS). This ready to implement pack covers all the required T24 components and the webservice WSDL required for the PS-ECC system to communicate directly with T24.
  ATM Interface  
  Ready to implement T24 package to integrate TranzWare Core Banking Interface (TCI protocols are based on ISO 8583: 1987) to T24 core banking system. This ready to implement pack covers all the required T24 components to support the below messages from TCI system.  
  e Statement & e-Advice  
  All the customer payment T24 advice and account statements with various frequency (Daily, Weekly, monthly, yearly) can be converted to pdf and deliver to the customers email address. The email address, charges and frequency can be configured inside T24 application with easy to use menu navigation. This interface will work with the banks SMTP mail servers.  
  Bulk Salary upload  
  Bulk payment entries can be loaded from excel csv files through T24 browser and posting can be done after verifying the payment process in simulation mode for any errors.  
  Transaction SMS Alerts  
  SMS (text) alert to the registerd customer mobile number on their account movement and required desire service charges can be configured on need. This interface requires Realty SMPP Connectivity (SMS gateway) provided by OTS.  
  Central Bank Of Sudan XML reports  
  a) CBOSID Request xml report - a) Individual b) Company c) Organization
b) CBOS Demo xml report - a) Individual b) Company c) Organization
d) Validation of the xml files against the CB Style sheet to identify the Error before transferring to Central bank
e) Enquiry to View , Delete , Download the generated xml reports from the T24 Browser
  Packaged Solutions  
  TPS – Performance Engineered  

Performance of T24 is impacted by various components involved in running T24 and TPS addresses all of these components in a systematic way. The TPS service performs a ‘discovery analysis’ and audit of current installation and identifies performance bottlenecks and pain points. The audit covers the following areas :


» Local customization
» COB/EOD timings
» Hardware
» Operating system
» Data Base


Performance improvement areas are identified based on the audit findings and an action plan is delivered to the bank to address these areas. The bank can engage TTF Technologies to execute the action plan along with IT and other departments of the bank under a specific performance improvement project.
  TBROOM – lean and Clean System  

Periodic Housekeeping of a Core Banking System is a key activity that the IT department must undertake to ensure successful operation of the system. Systematic housekeeping provides twin benefits of improvements in performance and reduced disk storage.

TBROOM service focuses on the following 3 areas:


» Archiving of T24 data
» Archiving/Purging of data created by Local developments
» Maintenance of System Environment files


TTF Technologies packaged service TBROOM performs an analysis of the current file usage, defines retention periods and purging frequency, storage mechanisms and provides procedures and tools to perform easy housekeeping.
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